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The New Office and Jail Turned One Year Old - April 2024


We truly hope this month's newsletter finds everyone happy and well.  We apologize for the missed newsletter last month. 

We have passed the one-year mark in our new facility and it has been an amazing adventure.  There have been a few surprises along the way, however, Little Dixie Construction and the individual contractors have responded almost immediately to address those surprises.  All-in-all, it has been smooth sailing.  We want to say a huge THANK YOU to the people of Callaway County for supporting us.  In a time when law enforcement staffing is still struggling, our community and its support are our most powerful recruiting tools.

Of course, we know not everyone is happy with us all of the time and we welcome you to contact our office and speak with anyone here, including me.

An often overlooked and seldom discussed topic of our operation is the Callaway County Jail.  At least outside of our walls, anyway.  The Callaway County Jail provides numerous functions, not the least of which is providing a safe and stable environment for our detainees.  We wanted to use this opportunity to tell you about our jail function and bring everyone up to speed with regard to our new facility.

The new Callaway County Jail has a total capacity of approximately 175 detainees.  Our jail population has averaged 85 to 90 detainees daily and jail staff has booked in over 2100 since the new facility opened last February.  Also, in that time, jail staff has completed 83 court ordered finger printings and 586 detainee transports to and from various facilities around the state.  Our transport deputy alone travels in excess of 80,000 miles a year picking up detainees all over the country.

Further, the new jail offers a more safe and secure environment over all, with features such as a body scanner to intercept contraband from entering the jail and separate housing for work release.  We have medical holding rooms and four heightened watch cells, all of which are in the booking area for increased detainee security and protection.

The new jail also has an updated recreation area that is both safer and more secure.  The jail has increased video court capacity which reduces transports, including to other courts around the state.

The new "General Population Area", what most people picture when they think about a jail, is of a modern design with improved visual control over detainees as well as improved maintenance access.

Thanks again to our great community for your support!

Always at your service,


Darryl Maylee, Sheriff