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Construction of the New Sheriff's Office is on the Horizon - January, 2021


With the colder temperatures making winter feel a bit more real, I hope this month's article finds everyone well.  With the craziness of 2020 behind us, we can hope for a bit more calm as 2021 progresses! 

Once spring sets in for good, hopefully sooner than later, construction crews are scheduled to turn dirt and start constructing the new Callaway County Jail.  With the numerous felony arrests being made across the county by the Sheriff's Office, in addition to other law enforcement agencies in the county, the much increased jail capacity will be a great improvement.  In fact, once the new jail is opened - tentatively in 2023 - our inmate general population area will be near double our capacity now.  Additionally, the new jail will have an increased number of medical cells which will be beneficial as our jail staff is dealing with more and more inmate medical issues.  Design efficiencies too will allow for a better use of jail staff to ensure safety and security of the jail. 

As promised to the voters when the funding proposals were advertised, a majority of the old jail will be used for office space, evidence custody, maintenance storage, and other county functions.  It will not be wasted space! Simply put, we are dedicated to making use of every tax dollar wisely as we owe that to the taxpayers. 

As always, if any citizen has concerns or questions about any Sheriff's Office related matter, please contact the office and ask for me personally.  I'm always happy to address concerns with citizens.

At your service,

Sheriff Clay Chism