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Don't Get Scammed! - September, 2021


I sure hope this month's article finds everyone doing well and enjoying the last part of summer.  Having the opportunity to submit an article is a blessing.  I sure appreciate it!

There is hardly a week that goes by that we don't take a citizen report as they've been defrauded either by some scam or dealings with a "shady contractor."  Sadly, some citizens have lost a considerable amount of money - thousands and thousands - for which recoupment is sometimes zilch or very limited.  This is especially true with telephone and Internet type scams that many times originate and end (with your money) overseas. 

As a reminder, there is much credibility to the old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it's not true."  Please know; the IRS does not call you about some alleged tax matter.  Microsoft does not call you because your computer has some virus.  The Lottery Commission does not call you to advise of some lottery winnings that are available, but only after you pay a so-called small fee.  The list goes on and on.......

While not as common but real, we too have citizens whom are defrauded by "shady contractors" who seemingly just appear in the area, have no roots in the local community, and can't provide any local references.  A great example is some of the out-of-town asphalt crews that pay visits to the area and blatantly rip off homeowners with fraudulent driveway jobs.  I remind all citizens to be cognizant of these operations and use known local contractors!

If I can ever be of assistance to you, please feel free to reach out.

At your service,

Sheriff Clay Chism