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Package Thieves Ride Again! - December, 2021


For the sake of not submitting monotonous holiday time articles, I'd initially planned to avoid the holiday package "talk" this year.  However, over Thanksgiving weekend, the prized "porch pirates," also known as package thieves, already struck in Fulton.  Thus, in second thought, I decided it best to offer my usual annual reminder!

As Internet based shopping - most notably, Amazon - becomes most prevalent, residents are reminded that visible packages left at your doorstep many times catch the eye of our local thieves whom merely roll around, looking for such goods which serve as easy targets.  Some of our local thieves have even been classy enough (sarcastically speaking) to monitor delivery trucks to see where stops are being made.

If possible, please consider having packages delivered to a location where someone will be physically present to take immediate hand-to-hand delivery.  To provide a personal example, I have packages delivered to a retired family member's residence as someone is usually home and can accept delivery.  I've heard of other citizens using friends, trusted neighbors, friendly businesses, etc. where someone is present to accept delivery. 

Packages on doorsteps all day really catch the eye of our local thieves; trust me!  I don't want you to be the next victim. 

Alternatively, should you decide to have packages dropped at your doorstep, video doorbell systems (i.e. Ring) provide phenomenal evidence should you fall victim.

Always at your service, your Sheriff,

Clay Chism