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Court Process, A Year in Review - February, 2022


Deputy Danny O'Rourke pictured in front of an American Flag..
Danny O'Rourke
Process Service Deputy

I sure hope this month's article finds everyone doing well and surviving winter!  With January past us and February to go, one can only hope for an early spring come March!

As a reminder to our citizens, your Sheriff's Office has many statutory obligations outside the normal scope of "patrol" and "investigations."  These obligations include; but are not limited to: the process of the Court (also known as "paper service"), registering (and verifying) the location of registered sex offenders throughout the county (including within the municipalities), carry concealed weapon permit issuance/renewals, and the entry/auditing of all criminal warrants from the state Court system (13th Circuit Court of Callaway County).

In example, just this last year, 2021, while conducting process of the Court, our deputies served 2,391 Court documents all across our vast 842 square mile county.  These documents covered an array of civil/criminal Court matters; ranging from Court ordered evictions to family protection orders and included everything in-between that is being handled by our civil and criminal Court divisions!  In addition to these 2,391 documents that were successfully served, our deputies attempted the service of an additional 641 Court issued documents, however were unable to locate the respondents/defendants due to old addresses or other factors.

Serving the Court, a huge responsibility of the Sheriff, is an honor and keeps the "wheels of the Court system" turning!  What many do not realize is; these obligations, such as process of the Court, are not just "out in the county" but inside the municipalities as well.  Hence why sometimes citizens ask why they see deputies "in town" so much --- it's due to our statutory obligations we are most proud to have all across the county and even "in-town!"

Respectfully, your Sheriff,

Clay Chism