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Budgetary Questions you Didn't Think to Ask - March, 2022


While winter has definitely provided some snow and ice this February, I'm sure hopeful that spring is right around the corner!  I'm sure many of you agree with me.

Having now finalized our fiscal (calendar) year 2022 budget in strict coordination with our County Commission and County Auditor, my "budget attention" has now turned to obtaining state and federal grants for your Sheriff's Office.  As I have told many citizens in years past, by obtaining these state and federal grants, I am bringing taxpayer dollars home. 

Just in the past month, I've received tentative approval to retain our full-time domestic violence investigators for 2022 and 2023. While these two criminal investigators are employed by your Sheriff's Office, they also assist the Fulton Police Department and the Holts Summit Police Department with domestic violence related investigations in their jurisdictions (to include the City of New Bloomfield as part of their cooperative law enforcement agreement with the City of Holts Summit).  Grant funding pays for 75% of these two investigators' salary and benefits; whereas, Callaway County, the City of Fulton, and the City Holts Summit have an agreement to provide for the remaining 25% match, as required by the federal grant.  Historically, county wide, these two investigators investigate and/or follow-up on 500 to 600 domestic violence reports countywide annually, thus it's most apparent the "need" is there.

Additionally; during recent times, I have received tentative approval for grant funding through the state's Officer Safety and Technology (OSET) grant and the federal Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG).  With the receipt of the grant funds through these programs, necessary equipment will be purchased to upgrade patrol vehicles, all in the sake of increasing officer safety.  Both of these grants cover 100% of the expenditures, thus no local match is required!  Again, I'm most pleased to make this announcement, all in the sake of enhancing officer safety without using delicate county funds.  In the coming weeks, I'll to be reapplying for our federal highway safety grant that provides for deputy overtime work to address traffic complaints in specific areas.

Not to be repetitive, but I feel prudent to remind everyone -- if there are any concerns about your Sheriff's Office, please contact me.  I'll happily speak to anyone and attempt to remedy any situation, if a remedy exists. 

Respectfully, your Sheriff,

Clay Chism