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The New Callaway County Sheriff's Office and Jail is Open and in Full Service! - March, 2023


I sure hope this month's article finds everyone well, healthy and enjoying the taste of Spring we've recently encountered.

I am most ecstatic to report; the new Callaway County Jail is open and in full service!  Not only does the jail serve our own deputies, but every law enforcement officer working in the county, whether that be a municipal (Fulton, Holts Summit or Auxvasse) or state officer. 

The funding for the jail was approved, through Proposition 2, and passed by the voters during a special election in November, 2019.  The jail has capacity to hold nearly 200 inmates with 152 of those in general population.  Our old jail only held 109 inmates with 74 of those in true general population.

Although we nearly doubled our inmate capacity, much work was put into the design phase to have the new jail built as efficient as possible, so as to not have to double the number of employees.  This is very important at the time as, from past publications, you realize how critical of a staffing situation we have at the moment here.  We did achieve that goal as the jail required an approximate 25% staffing increase -- not a 100% increase.

Additionally, the new jail has medical cells to better serve our inmates with serious medical needs, and thus lessening the need to have inmates transported outside of the facility for acute medical care which creates increased staffing issues.  The jail too has four "padded" cells to serve the needs of those suffering a mental health crisis, which crises are rampant in a jail setting.  The jail has a true work release holding area for low-level misdemeanor offenders afforded work release privilege through the Court.  The list goes on and on, and I'd be happy to answer any further questions.

As recently told to a local media outlet; the voters made it clear they felt the needs of the community warranted a new jail facility, the voters provided the funding, and I am excited to fulfill our subsequent obligation to build a facility to meet the community's needs for decades to come.

Should any citizen wish to contact me to address any questions, concerns, or simply comment about some matter, please feel free to reach me anytime by calling the office!

Respectfully, and proud to be your Sheriff,


Clay Chism