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Please Watch Out for Farm Machinery on Roadways Throughout Callaway County - May, 2023


Hello!  As always, I sure hope this month's article finds everyone, and their family, doing well!  It's hard to believe that May is already upon us and Summer is just a few steps away.  Your devoted Callaway County Sheriff's Office staff remain as busy as ever; having handled nearly 8,000 calls for service year-to-date with nearly 600 bookings/processing into the Callaway County Jail.

As we are deep into Spring, farm planting season is amongst us.  That obviously brings an influx of farm machinery operating on our roadways, especially the secondary and county roads all across our vast 842 square mile county.  With that said, we sure ask the motoring public to remain most cognizant of said, slow moving farm machinery.    

Our local agriculture community members whom work so diligently to not only provide our local residents -- but those elsewhere -- with the food necessities we all need in life, will be operating large implements on our secondary and county roadways the next few months to access their fields and other areas of operation.  At no fault of our local farmers, some of those roadways have narrow areas, blind corners and other areas of traffic concern.

I respectfully ask our residents - and all travelers for that matter - to be most cognizant of farm machinery that may be operating along our roadways the next few months!   Predominately, Callaway County is a farm community and, if we all work to avoid some type of traffic related tragedy - or any tragedy for that matter - our community is best served.

As always, I am always available for questions, comments, concerns, etc.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Respectfully, your Sheriff,

Clay Chism