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The Dogs Days are Upon us - July, 2023


K9 Tajfun.
K9 Tajfun


We truly hope this month's newsletter finds everyone happy and well.

To some, the "dog days" of summer may mean hot days on the lake or a float down the river, to the astrology minded among us, it may make you think of Sirius or the Constellation Canis Major.  Well, here at the Sheriff's Office we are quite literal and thanks to some grant funding, we are pleased to welcome K9 Tajfun (pronounced Typhoon) to our ranks.

K9 Tajfun is a Belgian Malinois who comes to us from Poland by way Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, PA.  The Sheriff's Office K9 Handler traveled to Pennsylvania to pick K9 Tajfun out of a group of 16 protentional K9s based on his hunting ability, calm demeaner, and socialness.  

K9 Tajfun is currently training with his handler where he will earn certifications in tracking, building search, article search, area search, apprehension, and narcotics detection.  K9 Tajfun and his handler will be on patrol together in August.  In addition to K9 Tajfun, we will be welcoming another grant funded K9 to our office this fall, while K9 Krieger will continue to serve with the Sheriff's Office with his handler in a search and rescue capacity only.

In addition to the lengthy initial training that K9 Tajfun is going through presently, our K9s and handlers also attend monthly training and yearly recertification.

Our old partner, K9 Iro, who had been deployed over 450 times in his nearly 6 years of service with the Sheriff's Office has retired to his former handler's property.  K9 Iro has taken quite well to his new role as a "house pet" where he enjoys sleeping on the couch and getting belly rubs.

Also, of important note, the Callaway County Sheriff's Office is now responsible for responding to reports of state law violations within the city limits of New Bloomfield.  This does not include city ordinance violations.  Like in years past, deputies will make every effort to patrol New Bloomfield and residents should expect a deputy when they call for law enforcement assistance.


Always at your service,

The Callaway County Sheriff's Office