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A Familiar Plea - August, 2023


We truly hope this month's newsletter finds everyone happy and well.

This month's newsletter will be dedicated to a familiar topic...... SCAMS!

Some with whom we share this planet choose to, for a variety of reasons, abuse, harass, assault, steal from, etc, others with whom we share this planet, including many readers of this article.  It is stealing I would like to focus on, specifically those who attempt to steal from us through the use of seemingly possible, or plausible, methods.

Strike up a conversation with someone and they will likely tell you that they receive absurd text messages claiming there is a problem with their Netflix account, or strange phone calls about how to save big on their student loans, or maybe even impossible calls from a grandchild who needs bond money.  I use the terms absurd, strange and impossible because I don't have a Netflix account, nor I have ever had a student loan, and barring an act of divine intervention, I have no grandchildren.  Yet, I still get these very same texts and calls. 

For those of you who do have Netflix, or student loans, or grandchildren, or any one of the dozens or other of things or situations these thieves claim, it could be compelling to respond.  It could be compelling to send the money to avoid further conflict with the IRS, or so as not to further subject your beloved grandson to the horrors of the Guatemalan prison, never mind the fact that you are only learning about his trip upon his arrest.  If it's by way of text or email that you are being contacted, don't respond.  If it's by way of phone, hang up.

No matter how much you may tend to believe that you owe someone money, these are all scams.  These scams are perpetrated by professionals; highly skilled professionals who are trained on what to say if they even suspect you are buying into their garbage.  These professionals know how to draw you in, how the pray on your emotions, and how to scare you into submission.

And then there are "Phishing Scams" and you are the phish, well your personal information, on-line account information, and various login information.  Look, no service provider, financial institution, etc. is going to contact you and ask you for your account information.  I know that no matter how many times I get calls from Bank of America, there is no problem with my nonexistent account.  Please, please, please, do not fall victim to these thieves.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our office.  If a friend or family member is going through something like this, step in and tell them it's a scam.  Before I close, law enforcement officers, agencies, or affiliates will never contact you and ask you for donations or bond money.  We might call you and tell we need to talk but we don't charge for that.

Always at your service,

The Callaway County Sheriff's Office