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New Equipment - November, 2023


We truly hope this month's newsletter finds everyone happy and well.

In an effort to provide the best possible service in an ever-changing environment, an environment where some among us insist on doing the most unspeakable harm, an environment where weather conditions can deteriorate before our eyes, an environment where wind or rain can isolate a person in need, we obtain training and equipment to accomplish that goal of great service to our community members, visitors, and passersby.

Through the use of federal funding (the American Rescue Plan Act) and local funding, your sheriff's office recently obtained a Lenco Bearcat.  Perhaps many of you have seen our Facebook posts or media coverage of the vehicle. 

Lenco is a Massachusetts based company that specializes in producing armored vehicles for use by law enforcement, fire/medical and the military.

The Bearcat that the Callaway County Sheriff's Office purchased had been ordered in July, 2022 and built in September, 2023.  The Bearcat is built on a 2022 Ford F600 Chassis with a 6.7-liter diesel engine.  The bearcat is clad in all American made armor and weighs in at 22,000 pounds.  The Bearcat is capable of fording up to 30 inches of water, can hold twelve people or four people and two stretchers.

The Bearcat is uniquely capable of providing protection and enhancement to our Special Response Team or a lifeline to someone in need of emergency medical attention in the most severe weather.  The Bearcat is equipped with an 18,000-pound winch that can be mounted on the front or rear as well as a front mounted extended ram that can be raised to nearly a 45-degree angle.

We look forward to putting the Bearcat to good use serving our citizens and law enforcement partners alike.


Always at your service,


The Callaway County Sheriff's Office