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School Resource Officer Contract Renewals - March, 2021


Simply put, I am ecstatic to announce the School Resource Officer (SRO) contract with the New Bloomfield R-3 School District has been renewed for the 2021-2022 school year.  While I never had a doubt a contract renewal could be easily negotiated, my satisfaction of its completion is not diminished in the slightest bit.  I offer much gratitude to Superintendent Sarah Wisdom, the district's Board of Education, and school administrators for their input and unwavering support of the SRO program.  If there is any "winner" by having this program, it is the students.  And, as it should be, they come first!  Contrary to some national rhetoric in other parts of the nation, SRO programs are generally about prevention instead of reaction.  Diving into that rhetoric further, I can attest locally, it is simply untrue of those whom say SROs are merely in the schools to arrest students.  The truth is; our SROs across the county primarily deal with prevention and safety measures instead of "trouble."  In fact, it's pretty simple - the SROs assist with enhancing our children's overall educational experiences and that is accomplished by assisting with the promotion of safe and positive learning environments. 

At your service,

Sheriff Clay Chism