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HAPPY NEW YEAR - January, 2024


Image of Happy New Year 2024.

We truly hope this month's newsletter finds everyone happy and well.  And HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2024!  We have all made it to the time where we have to be careful about writing the date for the next couple months.

We wish you all a safe and happy new year.  For the sake of family, friends, and neighbors alike, please celebrate responsibly. 

2023 has been a bit of a wild ride for the sheriff's office and we so appreciate the support our community has continued to show.  We are coming up on one full year in our new office and jail, perhaps the most tangible symbol of our community's support.  The new jail will be the focus of an upcoming newsletter.

2023 has been just as busy a year as the previous four years going back to 2020.  The sheriff's office is on track to likely come within a couple hundred calls for service of our average for the 2020s of 28,123.  Some of the highlights are; 2,684 traffic stops with 77 resulting in citations, 2,059 legal process documents served, 1,473 - 911 verifications, 735 suspicious activity related responses, 650 sex offender registrations, 593 records requests, 524 jail transports, 477 SRO details, 413 protective orders served, 382 alarms, 235 domestic disturbances, 220 thefts, 178 CCW permits issued, 154 narcotics related complaints including 11 overdose complaints,  103 suicidal subjects, 68 sex offenses, 63 burglaries, 60 death investigations, 54 K9 deployments, 52 assaults, 45 drone deployments, 30 pursuits and 23 DWIs.  We even responded to one bomb threat at the court house.  A belated thank you to MUPD and CPD for your assistance with your bomb detection dogs!

In more recent memory, we get to reflect back on our involvement with Trunk or Treat, the Christmas Parades and of course, Shop with a Hero!  Special thanks to the Holts Summit and New Bloomfield communities for the invitation to participate in this year's parades.  We had a fantastic time and were delighted to participate!


Always at your service,

The Callaway County Sheriff's Office