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Missouri Supreme Court Bond Rules - May, 2021


Citizens may recall, nearly two years ago, I publicized the fact the Missouri Supreme Court implemented new "bond rules" across the state.  As a direct result, some felony level offenders, such as those arrested for felony Stealing or felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, are taken to the county jail for processing and then immediately after released with a summons for later Court appearance.  Only those offenders whom the Court believes pose a direct danger to a victim or the community, or have a history of failing to appear in Court, are required to post bond to be released from jail being Court appearance. 

I offer information of these "bond rules" as a reminder given our agency still gets many questions along the lines of, "Why in the world was (insert name) taken to jail and then immediately released with only a ticket?"  Believe me, my staff many times are frustrated as well, however we are bound by the rules set forth by the Missouri Supreme Court.  With that said, it's our duty to set frustrations aside and continue our law enforcement mission across the county - even if the "bad guy" only spends a few minutes in jail!

At your service, respectfully,

Clay Chism