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Law Enforcement Support in Our Community - June, 2021


As citizens may have learned through print or social media, or seen on the local or cable news, law enforcement recruiting across the nation is nothing short of a nightmare at the moment.  I can attest to that phenomenon right here in Callaway County.  In fact, in my 21 years at the Callaway County Sheriff's Office, I've never seen such a low number of applicants for both our civilian (jail) and certified (patrol deputy) positions.  Based on what is being portrayed in the national media though, one can easily be led to believe that law enforcement is hated, or simply not supported.  However, what the national media is portraying is simply not true!  While there may be some problems in the large metro areas; law enforcement in rural areas, such as Callaway County, has an abundant amount of community support.  Actually, there is hardly a day that goes by that a local citizen does not send "goodies" to our office or purchase a deputy's meal in a restaurant.  If any citizen is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, whether it is in a jail or patrol setting, I'd be most happy to answer any questions.  Or, if any citizen has a loved one or friend that may be interested, steer them my way!  Contrary to what you may see on the news, working law enforcement in Callaway County is rewarding and you are definitely supported.  To be blunt, the "defund the police" movement is obsolete in our community.  

At your service,

Sheriff Clay Chism