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Summertime at Your Sheriff's Office - July, 2021


With summer definitely in full swing, your Sheriff's Office remains busy conducting proactive patrols throughout the rural areas of the county.  These patrols have been extremely beneficial in detecting criminal activity and hopefully making our county safer.  To-date, the Sheriff's Office has handled 12,911 calls for service and facilitated the arrest of 922 subjects for an array of criminal offenses. 

As discussed in past editions, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for statutory tasks throughout the county such as the issuance and renewal of Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permits.  As a courtesy to our CCW permit holders, especially given my staunch support for such a program that affords rights to our law-abiding taxpaying citizens, I send out a reminder letter to permit holders when their permits are soon to officially expire.  Over the past few months, it's come to our attention that several permit holders have moved, not updated their residential address with our office, and thus, did not receive their courtesy notifications that were mailed to an old address.  As a reminder, our CCW officer, Leah Schauf, may be contacted during business hours at 573-592-2457 (direct line) to provide an updated address.  Pursuant to state law, all CCW permit information is confidential and therefore, your new address will merely be documented in our records system so notifications can readily be sent.

Hope everyone is well!

At your service,

Sheriff Clay Chism