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Schools are Back in Session - August, 2021


While it may seem a bit monotonous, yet done with my sincere passion for our community, I frequently use my August community articles to remind citizens of our local schools soon going back into session.  Not only will there be increased and sometimes congested traffic around the school buildings themselves, numerous school buses will be scattered around the rural areas on secondary state and county maintained roadways.  As a reminder, sometimes these buses are required to stop in not-so-great locations, i.e. in proximity to hillcrests, curves, narrow road passages, etc.  Citizens are graciously asked to be cognizant of these issues, maintain appropriate speeds in school zones, and absolutely adhere to stopped buses that are loading or unloading.  All of our local districts do report school bus "stop arm" violations to either the Sheriff's Office or Highway Patrol leading to traffic complaint investigations.  A few minutes of patience in school zones or near stopped buses not only will save a driver from potential legal trouble, but most of all, promote safety and save lives!  Having a child struck by a reckless driver is horrific.    

At your service,

Sheriff Clay Chism