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Elijah Paul Juarez
Elijah Paul Juarez
Booking #:
Arresting Agency:
Holts Summit Police Department
Booking Date:
02-12-2024 - 3:50 pm
Callaway County Warrant - CT1 Sodomy Or Attempted Sodomy - 1st Degree; CT2 Sodomy Or Attempted Sodomy - 1st Degree; CT3 Kidnapping - 1st Degree; CT4 Domestic Assault - 3rd Degree; CT5 Domestic Assault - 3rd Degree; CT6 Domestic Assault - 3rd Degree; CT7 Domestic ASsault - 4th Degree - 1st or 2nd Offense (1) (5); CT8 Rape or Attempted Rape - 1st Degree; CT9 Domestic Assault - 3rd Degree; CT10 Property Damage 1st Degree; CT11 Domestic Assault - 4th Degree - 1st or 2nd Offense (2) (3) (4) (6); CT12 Animal Abuse - 2nd Subsequent Offense Or By Torture And/Or Mutilation While Animal Was Alive; CT13 Stalking - 1st Degree - 1st Offense; CT14 Tamper Or Attempt To Tamper With A Victim In A Felony Prosecution
Cole County Warrant - Failure to Appear - Ownr Opr MV Wtht Maintng Fncl Rspnblty
Callaway County Warrant - Sexual Misconduct - 1st Degree - 1st Offense
Note: The charges and bail amounts may change after court appearances and may not be current. Bond companies and persons wishing to post bail should contact the Jail staff at 573-592-2458 for correct bail amount, charges and case numbers.