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Hiring Struggles - November, 2021


When it comes to hiring qualified employees, the struggle is real in law enforcement!  Having now been the elected Sheriff for nearly five years, and a member of the agency for over 21 years, I've never witnessed such a low number of applicants for both Detention Officer and Deputy Sheriff positions within the agency.  In constantly speaking with other elected Sheriffs and law enforcement administrators across the nation though, I've certainly come to realize the law enforcement job market is tough from coast-to-coast.  It's easy for one to point out why that may be, and I have certainly have some personal thoughts myself!

Rest assured though, I have no intention to lower the standards required of our staff.  While no human being is perfect, I feel it imperative that me, deputy sheriffs and detention officers not only represent themselves well, but the agency well, and most of all - the community well.  Being in law enforcement is serving our community and it's only appropriate our community members expect the best!  I only mention this as, I too many times as of late have heard of law enforcement agencies, in a sense of being desperate, lowering their hiring standards.  I believe that is unfair to the community.  I sum up my thoughts by offering - a short time fix can easily be a long term problem.

If you know of anyone interested in a detention officer or deputy career, send them our way!  As of now, deputy applicants must be POST certified through the State of Missouri prior to applying.  Detention officer positions - a great way to get your "foot in the door" - do not require any type of training.  Apply online at

Always at your service, your Sheriff,

Clay Chism