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CCW Instructors

If you are an approved instructor and your information on this list is incomplete or there are any errors, please contact the Callaway County Sheriff's Office.

Callaway County Approved Instructors


Gun Safety 11, LLC, Fulton, MO

Dennis Wood: 573-239-7901



Sand Spring Shooting Academy, LLC - New Bloomfield, MO

James Schulte: 573-295-6820 or 573-619-1373



Firearms Training Solutions, LLC

Robert Overstreet: 573-881-6584


Ammo Alley/Shooters Alley LLC, Hartsburg, MO

Perry Davidson: 573-301-6117

Heritage Group III

Paul Robinson: 573-291-7078


Your Defense CCW

Steve Collins: 573-645-1378

Night: 573-694-7333



SERE Solution LLC

11227 Mer Mac Drive

Holts Summit, MO 65043

Jason Walling: 573-291-5220



PRS Tactical LLC

David Kingsbury: 573-489-2419



Hi-Caliber Training & Tactics

Keith Hoffman: 573-415-7776



Skilled Sights

Krista Slaydon: 314-488-7690

3479 Hopper Lane

Montgomery City, MO 63361

Other Individuals

David Smith: 573-353-2786

Gourley Robinett Jr.: 573-387-7095 or 573-826-5037

James Stark: 573-338-5850

Michael Tanner: 573-418-8338 or email: