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Pay and Benefits

  • NEW Starting pay for Deputy Sheriffs is $23.29/hour or $48,450/year (plus ample overtime opportunity).
  • NEW Starting pay for Detention Officers is $18.27/hour or $38,000/year. Commissioned Detention Deputies receive an additional minimum of $2,200/year (plus ample overtime opportunity). 
  • Road Deputies and Detention Officers work 12 hour shifts, 13.67 days per 28 day schedule with a three day weekend off every other week.  
  • Overtime available.
  • Starting pay for Deputy Sheriff Trainee is $19.23/hour or $40,000/year while attending the academy then Road Deputy pay upon graduation.  Deputy Sheriff Trainee works as training center attendance requires or 40 hours per week.
  • County Employee Retirement Fund 

All eligible employees enter the County Employees Retirement Fund (CERF) upon hire and become vested after eight years.  An eligible employee is defined as a County employee who works more than 1,000 hours in the calendar year (e.g., January 1 - December 31).  The employee contribution towards the plan for employees hired after February 2002 is 4% of gross wages paid by the employee.  Federal and state taxes are deferred on this deduction.

Employees have the option to make an additional contribution into the voluntary CERF Savings deferred compensation program.

The CERF Board of Directors decides each year if there will be a match of a portion of an employee's deferred compensation contributions. The percent of the match is determined by the CERF Board of Directors each year and is paid out up to 6% of an employee's salary contributed into the CERF Savings deferred compensation program.

  • Local Government Employee Retirement System (LAGERS)

This is a non-contributory system where the county contributes on behalf of the employee.  To be eligible for LAGERS, an employee must complete six months of employment.  Employees become vested after five years.

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Eligible employees will have the option to enroll in health, dental, and vision insurance plans offered by the County.  An eligible employee is defined as a County employee in a designated full-time position who works at least 30 hours per week.  The County currently covers the premium cost of an employee's health insurance.  Dependent health insurance is also made available by the County; however, it is provided at a cost to employee and is payroll deducted.

Dental insurance is made available for employees and their dependents as a voluntary benefit.  The County does not cover the cost for the employee's dental insurance premiums so if an employee elects to obtain dental insurance the premiums will be payroll deducted.

Vision insurance is made available for employees and their dependents as a voluntary benefit.  The County does not cover the cost for the employee's vision insurance premiums so if an employee elects to obtain vision insurance the premiums will be payroll deducted.

  • Disability and Death Benefits Program

All employees are covered by worker's compensation.  This type of insurance covers employees in case of on-the-job injuries or job-related illnesses.  For qualifying cases, State Industrial Insurance will pay the employee for workdays lost for any disability resulting from job-related injuries or illnesses.  All job-related accidents should be reported immediately to your supervisor and Callaway County Human Recourses.

The County may require an examination at its expense, performed by a physician of its choice, to determine when the employee can return to work and if the employee will be capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Any authorized absence due to injury or illness covered by Worker's Compensation insurance shall not be charged against an employee's accrued sick leave.  In the event an employee is receiving disability benefits from Worker's Compensation and sick leave pay is due the employee, sick leave pay may be coordinated with the Worker's Compensation payments so long as the combined do not exceed 100% of base pay.

Authorization for worker's compensation MUST be based on:

  1. clear and indisputable proof (responsibility of proof rests on the employee) that the compensatory injury or illness was work related and was not pre-existing in nature (prior to Callaway County employment);
  2. the receipt of worker's compensation forms, physician's invoices or paid bills, submitted to the County Commission; and
  3. with the clear understanding that all continuing (more than 1 week) worker's compensation care must be approved in advance by worker's compensation carrier.

Employees may purchase short-term disability benefits from a third-party vendor.  This is voluntary and will be offered to the employee upon hire and during the open enrollment period each November.

  • Death Benefit

A $20,000 term life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment policy is provided at no cost to eligible employees.  An eligible employee is defined as a County employee in a designated full-time position who works at least 30 hours per week.

Employees may apply for additional term life insurance for themselves and their dependents.  The premiums for supplemental life insurance are payroll deducted and based on the age of the employee and the volume of coverage requested.

  • Liability Protection

The County of Callaway is self-insured and is currently a member of the Missouri Public Entity Risk Management (MOPERM) Fund, which is a "shared-risk pool".  Being self-insured and a member of MOPERM protects the County and the employees of the Callaway County Sheriff's Office from actions or omissions directly related to their law enforcement function, leading to personal injury/death/property destruction, which could lead to civil action against the County or its employees.

The liability provider is subject to change upon yearly bidding.

  • Optional Employee Paid:

The following is a list of optional employee paid benefits available to full-time employees of Callaway County.  For additional information regarding these benefits, contact Callaway County Human Resources.

  1. Additional Life Insurance
  2. AFLAC
  3. Washington National
  4. Medical and Childcare Cafeteria Plan
  5. Callaway Employee Benefit Association (CEBA)
  6. YMCA
  7. Legal Shield/ID Shield
  8. MASA Medical Transport Solutions
  9. FOP-Fraternal Order of Police Dues

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