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Inmate Commissary

The Keefe Commissary Group provides standard, professional and proven jail commissary services to the Callaway County Jail. Keefe entered the corrections market in 1975 by supplying single-serve coffee packets to the Florida prison system. Nearly five decades later, Keefe is now the nation's leading provider of commissary management and inmate deposit management systems to city, county and state correctional facilities nationwide. Keefe serves 1,050 facilities housing over 522,000 inmates weekly. Keefe strives to be user-friendly and provides a platform for inmates and their loved ones to have ready access to their system.

A Keefe operated kiosk is located in lobby of the Sheriff's Office where inmates' friends and family can put funds on an inmate's jail financial account. Alternatively, funds may be submitted via Internet access at Additionally, an inmates' loved ones may conduct approved on-line commissary purchases for inmate delivery, as approved by jail administration, via

As a reminder, the jail commissary program is a mere privilege provided to inmates and bad behaviors shall result in said privilege being revoked by Callaway County Jail administration.