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Inmate Bonding

Inmates whom are allowed to post a cash or surety bond as allowed by the Court may contact a bonding agent of their choice via telephone (collect call). The Callaway County Jail staff is prohibited from recommending any certain bonding agent. Inmates may contact a bonding agent via telephone (collect call) during the normal times of inmate telephone access. In regard to cash bonds -- only cash or a certified bank check will be accepted. All other forms of cash bond are prohibited. At this time, the Callaway County Jail also does not conduct credit/debit card transactions. Any other form of bond must be approved by the 13th Circuit Court of Missouri, or the Court of venue. Any inmate bonding on a 13th Circuit Court of Missouri charge must use a bonding agent approved by the 13th Circuit Court, per Court rules. The Callaway County Jail maintains a current list of bonding agents approved to bond in Callaway County.