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20) FAQs

Does the Callaway County Sheriff's Office do Watch In Passings?

Yes, if you are going on vacation, and you live in the County (not inside Fulton, New Bloomfield, Auxvasse Holts Summit), you may call the Sheriff's Office and request a Watch In Passing.  Have the following information ready:

Your departure date
Your return date
Are you leaving a light on?
Is anyone suppose to be there while your gone?
Does anyone have a key?
Any animals?
Are there any vehicles in the driveway?
A phone number of where you can be reached.

Does Callaway County have animal control?

No. At the current time Callaway County does not have an Animal Control Officer, nor are there any county ordinances to address a lot of concerns that citizens may have regarding certain animals such as dogs & cats running at large.

Where do I obtain information about Missouri's Graduated Driver License Law?

Information regarding Missouri's Graduated Driver License Law can be found on the Department of Revenue website by clicking here.

Can I call the Sheriff's Office to report a problem and still remain anonymous?

Yes you can. There is no requirement to give your name and address when making a call to the Sheriff's Office.  However, it is extremely helpful if the responding deputy has someone to contact either in person or by phone to get more specific information to effectively address the problem.

Many times deputies respond to an anonymous call about an incident and either cannot find the origin of the problem with the information given or the situation changes prior to their arrival, but they have no way of knowing it.  This can result in frustrated deputies and the citizen feeling that the Sheriff's Office didn't do anything about their complaint.

We realize that in some circumstances, a person may not want neighbors to know they have called the police and they don't want an officer to come to their door.  However, something as simple as a phone number by which to reach the complainant can make a significant difference in whether a situation is corrected, or goes undiscovered or unidentified.  You merely inform the call taker that you do not wish to be contacted in person but that the officer may call you if they need more information.

Can I make a police report over the phone or does a deputy have to come to my house?

Some reports can be taken over the phone.  If you have a preference on how your call is handled, let the 911 Operator know.

Except for emergency calls, a deputy will generally call before responding to your residence.

How can I get a green number sign for my house?

Contact Central Fire Protection District at 573-642-9144 or North Callaway Fire Protection District at 573-642-9339.

The signs are available for a small fee, but are a great investment as they aid emergency personnel in locating your house.

How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?

You can can search your name on casenet and check the docket entries under the relevant case.

Contact the Sheriff's Office or come to the Sheriff's Office to turn yourself in. Remember, if you have a warrant for your arrest, you will be subject to arrest at any time you are contacted by a law enforcement officer. That time may be when you are driving, spending time with your family, or at work.

Deputies will try to accommodate persons wanting to turn themselves in.

How do I know if I reside within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office?

While the Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer over the entire county and is elected by the citizens of the county at large, deputies do not generally operate within the incorporated cities and towns, unless local police are not available or requested by to assist by the local police.  Occasionally you will see a deputy assisting local police or making a traffic stop in one of the incorporated towns.

If you are one of the majority of Callaway County citizens who does not pay property taxes to the cities of Fulton, Holts Summit, or Jefferson City, you live within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office.  Additionally, if you live within the city limits of Auxvasse, a deputy will respond to calls for service when a local police officer is not on duty.

I know who stole my property why doesn't the Sheriff's Office arrest the person right now?

Deputies arriving at a crime in progress are often able to accomplish an arrest on the spot.  However, except for critical situations, crimes reported after-the-fact require detailed investigation for the gathering of information. Facts and evidence developed during the investigative process must be sufficient for an arrest warrant to be issued.  (The Sheriff's Office has to prove who committed a crime)  Often, investigative workload and priorities mean that some cases are not processed as quickly as victims perceive they should be.  Knowing who is assigned to your case and providing any additional information that is discovered after a crime is reported is often vital to getting a case resolved.