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The Callaway County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is headed by Lt Curtis Hall on dayshift and Lt Don Dame on nightshift.  Each shift has two patrol sergeants.  A patrol sergeant on each shift is also an agency K9 handler.

The patrol sergeants oversee the patrol deputies assigned to their shift.  Patrol sergeants and patrol deputies work a 12 hour shift and are responsible for handling thousands of calls for service each year.

Members of the patrol division are the face of the Callaway County Sheriff's Office and are the uniformed deputies that members of the community are most likely to encounter.  These are the deputies who will respond to your home or business in the event of an emergency.  You may be pulled over by one of these deputies or see them assisting with a traffic accident.

Members of the patrol division are truly dedicated to safeguarding the citizens of Callaway County and are proud of the work they do to bring offenders to justice.