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G.W. Law Award Recipients

G.W. Law Award Recipients

The Fulton Rotary Club's G.W. Law - Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award was created in 1998 as a means for the Rotary Club to commemorate former Callaway County Sheriff George W. Law for his service to, and ultimate sacrifice for, the citizens of Callaway County by recognizing a local law enforcement officer each year who, in the footsteps of Sheriff Law, goes above and beyond the normal call of duty by demonstrating consistent adherence to the Rotary ideal of "Service above self."

Here is the list of past recipients of the G.W. Law Award:

1998 - Deputy Bob Smith (CCSO)

1999 - Major Roger Rice (FPD)

2000 - Officer Steve Myers (FPD)

2001 - Chief Charles Latham (FPD)

2002 - Trooper Scott Carey (MSHP)

2003 - Trooper Michael Turner (MSHP)

2004 - Trooper Jeffery White (MSHP)

2005 - Deputy Lloyd Horn (CCSO)

2006 - Deputy Fred Cave (CCSO)

2007 - Lieutenant Lyla Robbins (FPD)

2008 - Lieutenant Mark Douglas (FRDC)

2009 - Deputy Jeff Harding (CCSO)

2010 - Sergeant Bill Ladwig (FPD)

2011 - Deputy Jackie Karhoff (CCSO)

2012 - Sheriff Dennis Crane (CCSO)

2013 - Chief Kevin Suedmeyer (APD)

2014 - Captain Darryl Maylee (CCSO)

2015 - Sergeant Michael Halford (MSHP)

2016 - Sergeant Joe Schramm  (FPD)

2017 - Deputy Aaron Hazelton (CCSO)

2018 - Sgt. Ryan Lacey (CCSO)

2019 - Sheriff Clay Chism (CCSO)

2020 - Sergeant Corey Schmidt (CCSO)

2021 - Sergeant Crystal Kent (FPD)